Jamie + Josh // Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA


Jamie and Josh were married at the Salem Cross Inn, a restored 18th century farmhouse on the countryside of Western Massachusetts. It was such a beautiful fall day and we were happy to be guests at this wedding and see my cousin marry the love of his life!

Since this was a wedding in my family, we got our video friends Evan & Jess to shoot this special occasion for us! Mark and I loved putting this film together and sharing it with our family.  Their emotional reactions and comments were priceless- and exactly the reason why we love filming weddings in the first place. 

Jamie's reaction after watching her film:

     "What’s funny is on my wedding day I don’t think I shed a tear...the closest I came was right before my mom and I walked down the aisle. But when I watched this video I bawled...in a good way of course! I can’t express how grateful I am- we’re so lucky to have this to cherish for years to come!"

These words mean so much to us! It makes us proud as filmmakers to be able reach someone on such an emotional level when they relive their wedding day. It's in those moments that makes us so happy to be part of such a sentimental and timeless industry.