ICELAND Adventure Wedding TEASER!


We're so excited to share this teaser from our first Adventure Wedding in ICELAND! 

It snowed, it rained, the wind howled, and this adventuresome couple fully embraced EVERY moment of their wedding day in Iceland! It was seriously one hell of a day, with hurricane force winds at times, down pours, and some snow- but it didn't make anyone bat an eye.  We crossed rivers by SuperJeep, hiked a black glacier, filmed their ceremony inside a natural ice cave, saw half-frozen waterfalls, and even a waterfall on the black sand beach (how does that even happen?!) all guided by Ann and her husband over at Iceland Wedding Planner. To say it was an adventurous day would be an understatement. Even though it was pretty chilly, the wind and rain only added to the adventure and made this the most EPIC elopement ever!

Screen grab by Veiled In Motion

Screen grab by Veiled In Motion

We will be releasing their full wedding film soon! :)

If you're an adventurous couple looking for a unique and exciting way to elope, look no further than Iceland Wedding Planner!! Ann and her team made this day a true, epic experience.  Ann is an amazing photographer, and an Iceland wedding planner extraordinaire! The weather is not always on your side in Iceland, but you can count on Ann to always have a plan B (and C, and D).

Mark DerHovanessian