The Adventure Wedding of Ashley & David in Iceland | Ice Cave Elopement


Ashley and David are one of the most adventurous couples we know.  In lieu of a traditional wedding, the couple chose an intimate elopement in one of the most unique locations ever- inside an actual (naturally-made) ice cave in none other than Iceland. Can it get any more badass than that?!  And get this- Ashley is originally from Canada, and David from the other side of the world in New Zealand! These two adventurous souls met on a serendipitous 11-country Contiki trip, each booking it separately from their own countries, not knowing it would be the best decision they would ever make! The two met on the trip and were inseparable for the three week venture.  By the time the trip ended these two decided that would not be the end for them- they planned to meet again and did so on New Years Eve in Australia, and the rest is history! The two decided to move in together, David relocated to Canada, and the two have been traveling the world together ever since!  

Photos by: Ann - Iceland Wedding Planner

Photos by: Ann - Iceland Wedding Planner

Despite having the coolest location maybe ever in the history of elopements, it was winter in Iceland and the weather was not too friendly to us that day. There was an epic storm the day before and it lingered on the day of the wedding with strong winds, rain, and snow all day. Mark and I were anticipating the worst- we couldn't fly our drone, we were afraid the hurricane force winds and precipitation would make it difficult to shoot, we didn't know if we could make it to the ice cave due to the conditions. However! We were very wrong! All we can say is thank goodness for Iceland Wedding Planner (Ann) and her awesome husband (David)! Upon our first meeting with Ann we knew it was going to be a good day. There was not one sign of fear in her eyes, you'd think it was the most perfect, beautiful day outside. To her, it was just another day in Iceland where the weather is always unpredictable and constantly changing. Ashley and David were the same way- both so excited to take on the adventure of the day. 

And an adventurous day it was! We traveled by SuperJeep (the only way to make it to the glacier where the ice cave lived). Let me tell you the ride in the SuperJeep was truly an adventure in itself. We had ourselves almost completely tipped over at times. It was a bumpy, crazy drive of tilts and turns and driving through rivers. The ride to the cave was treacherous to say the least; from momentarily being stuck in over 3ft of icy slush to Mark faceplanting into said 3ft of icy slush, but oh was it so worth it!

We hiked to the Ice Cave and we all carefully climbed up. We were surprised there was a new waterfall on the cave that hadn't been there the day before. The lovely couple had their intimate elopement inside, officiated by a native Icelandic pastor. It was such a unique location; one of nature's truly magical, but impermanent sights to behold!

After their ceremony we took off in the SuperJeep to some other awesome offbeat spots that only Iceland Wedding Planner has access to. We first went to a huge cave where the couple enjoyed a luxury picnic complete with champagne and Icelandic hot dogs with all the fixings! Our next stop was a gorgeous waterfall, that happened to be almost completely frozen! We've never seen anything remotely like it. We enjoyed the scenery, the couple had a blast frolicking around despite the freezing temps.

 Our last stop of the day was a waterfall on a black sand beach. You heard me right... a waterfall on the beach! I'm not even sure how that's possible, but it was! We had to be extra careful about driving the SuperJeep on the sand so it didn't sink in. Ann's husband David is seriously a SuperJeep driver extraordinaire and got us to the waterfall safely. Ashley & David climbed up onto the waterfall and we were able to get some awesome footage of them without sinking into the quick sand!  

This entire day was the greatest adventure we have ever been apart of. We couldn't be more happy for Ashley and David. We know they will be reliving this day for the rest of their lives, and so will we! 

If you're interested in having an Iceland elopement please don't hesitate to contact Ann at Iceland Wedding Planner. She doubles as both a planner and terrific photographer. Big or small weddings and elopements, she will take care of everything from start to finish! Please read her blog about Ashley + David's day here! We're super excited to work with her and her team again in 2019! 

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