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The Wedding of Nicole & Angad | Martha's Vineyard Wedding | Vineyard Haven Destination Wedding

We’ve had the opportunity to travel to many incredible places in 2018, but one of the most special places has to be the small island of Martha’s Vineyard for Nicole and Angad’s wedding.  Nicole and Angad are from Virginia, but Martha’s Vineyard has always felt like Nicole’s second home. Her grandfather lives on the island and Nicole spent much of her time growing up there. Ever since she was a little girl she knew she wanted to get married on the Island. It was always her hope to share this special place with her future husband. All of her dreams came true when she made this a reality this past September.

Every couple has a unique story of how they first met.  Nicole and Angad have an especially unique story in that they met at an ice cream parlor! While waiting in line for ice cream when they were teenagers, Angad saw Nicole and they pretty much fell head over heels, and they’ve been together ever since!

Another unique part of this couple’s love story is that they actually had two weddings, one to each represent each others backgrounds. Their first ceremony and celebration was a traditional Indian ceremony to honor Angad’s roots and their second in was to honor Nicole’s in Martha’s Vineyard with her grandfather officiating. It was so obvious how much love their families have for them. They all flew to Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate Nicole and Angad’s “I do Round 2” and we couldn’t have been more excited to be there with them to capture every moment!

They celebrated their wedding at the Vineyard Haven Yacht club and had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony right on the dock officiated by Nicole’s grandfather. The couple shared their own vows to one another which were so sweet and personal. We spent some time with their awesome photographers Swift & Crowe capturing the couple and bridal party on the beach and dock. The rest of the evening was spent living it up on the dance floor with all their friends and family.

They seriously had the most beautiful weather. The whole week leading up to their wedding was cloudy and a bit rainy. Once the actual day came around, mother nature really worked her magic and it was pretty much the most perfect, sunny day with the most incredible sunset. The whole sky was a pink and purple ombre. It was truly magical and made for some of the best shots.  

At the end of the night the couple had a grand sparkler exit! All of their friends and family lined up outside the yacht club with sparklers in hand as the couple walked out. So much cheering and sparks flying everywhere, it was the perfect ending to a magical Martha’s Vineyard wedding!


Videography: Veiled In Motion | Boston Wedding Videographer | Destination Wedding Videographer

Venue: Vineyard Haven Yacht Club | Martha’s Vineyard

Photographer: Swift & Crowe Photography

DJ: Eric Johnson (DJ EJ)

Veiled In Motion | Boston Wedding Videographer &
Destination Wedding Videographer
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Happy National Wedding Planning Day! Have you booked your Videographer yet?

It's National Wedding Planning day! If you're recently engaged, you've probably already started thinking about your wedding details- your date, your venue, etc. You may already even have a photographer who took your engagement photos. But have you given any thought to a wedding videographer? 

Couples often push wedding videography to the side until closer to their date and some decide to totally forgo it for their big day. I'm here today to tell you to hire a videographer at your wedding- I cannot stress this enough! Maybe I am a bit bias, but honestly, video is the only way to truly relive your wedding day.  Photographs are great, but it is 2018 and photos just aren’t enough.  I cannot fathom the thought of having my entire wedding day pass me by without ever again hearing my vows, or the words my father said in his welcome speech, or the roaring laughter of guests during the best man speech.  The raw emotion caught on camera, the real sounds and words spoken will never come across the same way in photographs as they do in video. That being said, it is 2018 and couples still struggle with the thought of hiring a wedding videographer.

Photography is the norm, right? Everyone hires a wedding photographer. In fact, it’s probably one of the first things people think about once they get engaged.  I certainly have nothing against photography, I think it is very important and a necessity for your wedding- but I also think wedding videography does not get the credit it deserves. The time, effort and creative ability it takes to handcraft a wedding film- in my opinion, far surpasses that of photography. It takes an enormous amount of time going through all the many hours of footage from the day. We spend days, even weeks after your wedding going through all the footage, carefully choosing music, and hand-crafting a one-of-a-kind, cinematic video that is unique to you and your wedding day. It takes a tremendous amount of creative ability and talent to create a video that not only looks good, but flows good as well.

That being said, I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire a good videographer. Like everything else in the world, there is always a difference in quality in the products and services you buy- and this doesn’t change for wedding videography.  To be honest, you get what you pay for.  If you want to hire the cheapest videographer you can find, you will likely receive a not-so-great product and be left with a feeling of regret for not spending the extra dollars for hiring someone more experienced.  When it comes to wedding videography, you want to hire people you can trust- people who are not only passionate about what they do, but who have proper experience and education.  Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that has months and months of preparation and build up, and then in a flash, it’s gone.  Once it’s ended, all you have left are the photos and what you can remember in your mind. Your wedding film is the only way to actually go back and relive, and actually hear the laughter, the speeches, your vows! How amazing is it that we live in a time where we have the capabilities to capture all the details of that very special day.

But even so, couples still struggle with the cost of hiring a videographer.  If you’re in this boat, let me ask you a question- how much are you spending on the floral arrangements at your wedding? The bouquets, the centerpieces, the flowers for your ceremony... How much are you putting towards your dress? Your cake? Your DJ? The truth is that all of the things you're spending money on, with the exception of your photographer, aren't going to last beyond your big day. The flowers will die, the decorations will be thrown out, the surplus of dessert will go bad, and all that will be left from the most important day of your life is nothing but a mere memory. That's why it is SO important to invest in the things that will preserve your wedding day forever.  Videography is the best investment you will make for your big day, simply because it is the only way you will be able to truly relive your wedding.     

So the next time you are contemplating on getting videography for your wedding, I hope you sincerely understand it's value.  Investing in videography should not be a question. It should not take a second thought. Seriously, if you’re reading this, you’re getting married! That’s so exciting! It’s going to be one of the greatest days of your life, but let me tell will fly by. You only get one wedding, so remember to invest in the things that will last beyond the day. Do yourself a favor and hire a wedding videographer! I can say with the utmost certainty that you will not regret it, but I can guarantee you will regret it if you choose not to get one! 

If you are interested in videography, but don't know where to start, please contact Mark and I and we would be happy to share the options we have! We are currently booking for 2018 & 2019 dates. We have limited availability for 2018, so don't wait to reach out! 

Jamie + Josh // Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA

Jamie and Josh were married at the Salem Cross Inn, a restored 18th century farmhouse on the countryside of Western Massachusetts. It was such a beautiful fall day and we were happy to be guests at this wedding and see my cousin marry the love of his life!

Since this was a wedding in my family, we got our video friends Evan & Jess to shoot this special occasion for us! Mark and I loved putting this film together and sharing it with our family.  Their emotional reactions and comments were priceless- and exactly the reason why we love filming weddings in the first place. 

Jamie's reaction after watching her film:

     "What’s funny is on my wedding day I don’t think I shed a tear...the closest I came was right before my mom and I walked down the aisle. But when I watched this video I a good way of course! I can’t express how grateful I am- we’re so lucky to have this to cherish for years to come!"

These words mean so much to us! It makes us proud as filmmakers to be able reach someone on such an emotional level when they relive their wedding day. It's in those moments that makes us so happy to be part of such a sentimental and timeless industry.